24 March 2009

The Process

With each client, I create an inspiration board. This is my process. I add swatches, clippings, quotes, photos...anything that connects me with my client and their space. Some I use and some pieces just simply direct me. Without these boards lining my office walls, I would be forever spinning, not knowing what direction to go. 

Garden Map

Every home begins with a plan but we seem to forget the outside- the space that is really dreamy and relaxing. What a luxury to have a detailed map of all the plants, living areas and gardens to build on over years and years. I just began mine and the thought of having a kitchen garden, a cutting garden and an orchard sounds wonderful and adventurous. 

Country Mod Kitchen

I remember as a young child, always eating in our kitchen...not at the island, or in front of the television or even in an 'eating area'- but in the middle of it all. Where did this ideal go? The next house I build will be keeping with this tradition. 
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