30 November 2009

My Interview with SCHUMACHER

1. What is the biggest trend you see for this upcoming Spring?
The biggest trend that I see for this upcoming spring is the heavy influence of metallic tones. Grey will be the HOT neutral on the block. Metallic accessories in particular are glimmering in living rooms, and fabrics are mirroring the look. Much of this trend goes back to the era of
Art Deco and the Bauhaus, where chrome and lustrous metal finishes were made famous by iconic designers like Mies van der Rohe, Eileen Gray, and Marcel Breuer.

2. If you had to choose one staple Schumacher fabric, what would it be?
It would have to be our pattern titled Conundrum, one of our newest additions to our collection designed by Celerie Kemble. The origin of this modern blend of print and embroidery is a jeweled piece of metalwork which inspired Celerie. The soft neutral biscuit colorway takes on a classic transitional look that adds a touch of pop without being overly advancing. The striking teal/peacock colorway is bold and gripping, adding drama and a saturated punch of rich color to an interior. I love the versatility of this pattern. Here is the link to this pattern on our website.

3. Why Schumacher?
Schumacher offers some of the
highest quality textiles, wallcoverings, trimmings, and furniture in the luxury interior design industry. Schumacher is the oldest family owned textile house in the world, this year we celebrated our 120th anniversary. We believe that great design is timeless, and our design team focuses on creating new collections that will be as relevant in a decade or two as they are today. At Schumacher we value quality over quantity. Our products are produced at some of the best mills in the world in small batches, and printed on the finest grounds. We consider our textiles and wallcoverings to be artisan goods versus mass produced commodities.

4. What is the biggest mistake you see designers make?
Instantly slipping into budget mode. A great designer always assumes no budget and no restrictions. That doesn’t mean that they don’t realize that in the real world that budgets exist, but in the early stages of a project a designer needs to dream big and create a concept that gets their clients out of their box and into a “the
sky is the limit” frame of mind. A great designer can always take bits and pieces from the over the top and out of reach design, then budget engineer the concept to create very dramatic and unique space.

5. What is your opinion of wallpaper?
FABULOUS! To start off with I would like to take a moment and use the word wallcovering in place of wallpaper. In this day and age wallcoverings are far above and beyond the world of wallpaper from decades past. When I hear that word wallpaper I think of some of the lovely prints from my childhood found in my grandmother’s house, let’s just say that things have come a long way since then. Schumacher has some of the most unique and luxurious wallcoverings in the world. I believe that wallcovering is one of the best ways to transform a space with little effort.

by Kevin Koritza for F. Schumacher.

23 November 2009

New York Auction House

I recently traveled to New York and made my annual visit to Chatsworth Auction Room in Mamaroneck, NY. This warehouse has been owned and operated by the same family since 1924. Piled high are pieces from the Neoclassical and Federal periods ( and much more!), not to mention oils, china and curiosities.

07 November 2009

Absolutely gorgeous country farm in Portugal!

Entrance & cobblestone driveway.

390A Vale do Torrado Farm

Prettiest pink garage I have ever seen....

390A Vale do Torrado Farm

Living Room

390A Vale do Torrado Farm

Dining Room

390A Vale do Torrado Farm


390A Vale do Torrado Farm


390A Vale do Torrado Farm

View from above!
390A Vale do Torrado Farm

Sea of Blue with an Oceanview

Guest Bedroom

Villa Keratea in Greece


I love the display of antiques, the mix of fine art and artifacts.
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