27 December 2009

The World in Vogue: People, Parties, Places.

The new memoir by Vogue editors Hamish Bowles and Alexandra Kotur
would be the ultimate hostess gift for your New Year's Eve bash.

Here are some clips to entice you:

I love that Brooke Astor, Aerin Lauder and Michelle Obama all live together in one book.

Just as it should be.

26 December 2009

My favorite gift this year...

...was from my mother who gave me my great-grandmother's wedding china-
monogrammed with a 'K'. I love the beautiful and simple design and the gold-leaf.
I used it for Christmas dinner last night and mixed it with my wedding china
from Bernardaud and my brass silverware that I picked up in San Francisco last year-
a full set from Bangkok.

It was a wonderful, white Christmas filled with family and friends!

I also used, for the first time, the antique carafes I picked up at a local antique store
just last week. These were made in Italy and were once used as wine carafes.
It was a fun addition to our holiday bar.

Now where should I put these majestic lions?

24 December 2009

Christmas Dinner

As we gather for Christmas dinner, we have an opportunity to share our rarely used treasures- china, silver and family antiques. Here are some ideas for your table tonight.

22 December 2009

Suzanne Kasler in South Carolina

Suzanne does it again in South Carolina. She mixes styles and periods so seamlessly that I think she has invented one all her own.

Worth the trip thru holiday traffic to grab this book!

I expected this book to be all fluff and filled with silly pictures of over-done holiday decorating. But....I was pleasantly surprised to read a bit of history and see inside our White House during a wonderful time of year.

Or skip the traffic and find it at Amazon.

21 December 2009

A great resource...

A. Tyner Antiques is a wonderful showroom for antiques in Atlanta. I look forward to my visit this Spring!

Home offering in France...

I love the simplicity in the interiors of this home in France. Textured linens, classic upholstery, a great mix of utilitarian and hotel luxury, industrial lighting mixed with soft woods, hints of Swedish design and just enough 'memorabilia' without cluttering the room- keeping residents at home and guests feeling welcome. It reminds me of Suzanne Kasler or John Saladino. <span class=
<span class=<span class=<span class=<span class=<span class=<span class=
See Suzanne Kasler or John Saladino for similar inspiration.

14 December 2009

Nina Campbell

Nina Campbell's new line of home accessories are bright & cheerful but as are her fabrics and wallcoverings, her taste is refined and timeless. Here are some of my favorites:
Ashtray - Gold Dot Ashtray
Gold Dot Ashtray
Crystal Napkin Ring
Crystal Napkin Ring
Desk Accessories - Beige Bagatelle Spot
Beige Bagatelle Spot
Oriental Champagne Flute
Oriental Champagne Flute

Tea For One
Tea for One- so adorable.

To see Nina's entire line go to: Nina Campbell.

To see Nina's fabrics and wallpapers, go to: Osborne & Little.

11 December 2009

A landcsape is often forgotten...

But is the most lasting impression. I feel as though America doesn't value landscape architecture as much as other countries around the world. For example, this home in Provence (of course!) is so beautiful outside, one may never venture inside.


10 December 2009

Surprising Stairwells

East 60's Mansion
New York, New York

Triplex Penthouse
New York

120 East 70th Street
New York, New York

London, England

Spectacular Waterfront!

Nantucket Island

Spectacular Limestone Mansion
New York, New York

Tennis anyone?

How can a big slab or hard material be so attractive and inviting? Cover it with English ivy, surrounded by stone or palm trees- and these tennis courts are truly pretty not just practical.

Tennis Court & <span class=Connecticut

New York

Crown Jewel Estate

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