27 January 2010

Luxuries in Life

Schweitzer Linens has been in New York City for over 35 years and remains a family business. It is really tough to top this luxury. The style is timeless, the colors classic and you can personalize each piece.

Does thread count really matter? Yes and no- it depends who is counting and how...
Thread CountA term used mostly in the USA to establish a quality of fabric.
A high thread count often means a softer "feel" and greater "pill"resistance.
The number of threads counted in one square inch of fabric determines the "thread count"

But, there are different ways of "counting" the threads.
While most cotton fabric is woven from a thread using a single cotton fiber, Schweitzer cotton sateen and damask are made from a pair of fibers twisted together.

This means that Schweitzer products often have TWICE the cotton fibers
- for the same thread count - than other competitors products.

Some people double their thread count because of this, Schweitzer never does. This means that a claim of 600 thread count is equivalent to a Schweitzer 300 thread count fabric.

Most Schweitzer products are over 300 thread count with some reaching an unbelievably soft 1180 thread count fabric-the finest available.

The superior 100% Egyptian cotton fabric that Schweitzer uses in its products has a smoother, softer feel, is a stronger fabric with a greater 'wearability' and enjoys a longer life.

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