06 February 2010

My favorite colors...

Last year we used many new colors in our client's homes- we are always excited to add new 'go to' colors to our tool box.

Philadelphia Cream, HC-30
Our client had traditional tastes with English antiques and a Dallas heritage so this color was perfect. It has hints of English yellow without the bright sorbet factor and the taupe and tan hints gave a nod to her southern upbringing. The color is very soothing while adding a punch of color throughout her home.

Carrington Beige, HC-93
I used this color throughout my home- in every room but my daughter's pink room (very pink....too pink actually!). Once this color hits the wall, it is hard to tell if it is tan, cream or off-white. This color really changes with the light and offers a great background for antiques and modern pieces.

Chocolate Candy Brown
It can be tough to find a brown that does not have red or orange in it but this brown reads very true with hints of black. We used this color in a client's home for her powder bath and then used it in high gloss on her kitchen island- beautiful and very sophisticated.

Cedar Green, 2034-40.
A very happy, snappy color for a playroom, kitchen or bathroom. Very preppy!

This color is wonderful when paired with black- furniture or trim. It is also very complimentary with brass and gold tones.

Cook's Blue
This is ginger jar blue perfect! It can be modern or traditional.

This black has no blue in it and just a hint of brown- very deep and pretty and once it is applied, it instantly looks as though it has been around for ages...in a good way.

I advise clients to paint their homes in as few colors as possible to keep the flow consistent in the home. When you paint each room a different color, you break up the flow and the house feels choppy and disconnected. Painting cabinets, showing off great flooring, using wallpaper and art will add the splash of color in a more sophisticated delivery.

I often layer the same color throughout by painting most rooms eggshell and then I choose one room to do a high gloss or lacquer. This will add sparkle in the evening as the light dims low.

I also like to paint the walls, trim and ceiling all the same color but do the trim in a high gloss- this makes the room so cozy, like an envelope around the furniture.

When I design a house with one or two colors it usually shocks my clients and takes some convincing. They feel they are not 'decorating' enough if they don't choose multiple colors. But to me, it is the opposite. More is not better in this case. Focus on the furniture, art and personal collections. Choose one or two beautiful colors. Your house is not a restaurant- you should not be overstimulated just walking room to room.

With fewer wall colors- your home will feel larger, less cluttered and will be timeless.

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