02 February 2010

Stone Hill Estate by Tommy Hilfiger

Pennsylvania fieldstone, heavy pristine white trim and classic Georgian architecture describe the home as grand but with tucked dormers, low stacked-stone walls and perfectly dilapidated gates, the house with its 20,000 square feet actually feels charming and cozy.

There is so much dimension to the exterior facade- box bay windows, double-hung windows, picture windows and 2nd floor verandas add interest to an otherwise 'typical showcase home'.
I love how the tennis court is sunken and surrounded by stone. The stone adds warmth and texture to the bright green clay court- not the most attractive of surfaces. By immersing the court within the landscape, you can sit on the many patios and not stare at a tennis court- usually an eye sore.
The interiors are clean and modern with contemporary furniture mixed with English antiques against subtle, serene and neutral wall colors. The house exudes warmth and character with personal touches like Hilfiger's art and various collections which are displayed throughout the home.
It is tough to create a media room that doesn't kill the comfort when surrounded by typical leather and over-the-top electronics but.....Tommy did it here. The chairs are upholstered in a cozy chenille that is actually inviting and does make you want to curl up with a cashmere blanket and popcorn.
The master suite is calming- a place to get away from the craziness in life- there is no wild art, no bold colors....it is soft and soothing.
What a great room! Love this room- the high ceilings create grandeur but the wood paneling keeps the room 'people scale' and comfortable. Using a darker color or stain in a huge room makes the space 'come back down'. Rather than doing floor to ceiling windows, they used architecturally appropriate windows but placed them high for light and interest which makes a huge difference in the design of this space.The black walls add glamour and sophistication to a dinner party while the rug and Windsor chairs keeps things comfortable.
I see many houses each week and out of all the styles and the homes that stick with me- this is in the Top 10. I really love this estate....

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