04 March 2010

Notes from my library...

I love my book collection. Today, I revisited one of my favorites, "The Way We Live". Often in our industry we are asked to mimic life abroad- to create a French inspired dining room or build Mediterranean architecture. It is one of the most fun aspects of my job and often one of the most fulfilling- to push the limits and try and create something totally new. But sometimes we forget... that tradition and living habits are really quite similar across the globe.

Authors Stafford Cliff and Gilles De Chabaneix say,
"At the heart of every thinking person's house should lie a library or book-room, a repository of the intellectual adventures of the owners."

Well said.

Here are three libraries from across the globe- Provence, Paris and Austria.

And four wonderful gardens from Majorca, Tuscany, Bali and France.

And four versions of a farmers market in Italy, Bangkok, Nepal and Sri Lanka...a little different than the one we attend outside our Whole Foods Market:

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