30 August 2010

The Architectural Tastemakers

I think Spitzmiller & Norris are in the top ten best architecture firms in the country. They understand architecture and space but they also have great taste and style. They blend old and new seamlessly- it's truly tough to tell where their additions begin and the historic space ends.

Historic Renovations:
Old Buckhead Estate 03 Old Buckhead Estate 08 Old Buckhead Estate 06

Georgian Country House 08 Georgian Country House 05 Georgian Country House 09

Before & After:
Spitzmiller Renovation 02 & Spitzmiller Renovation 01

New Homes:
Horse Farm Estate 06 Horse Farm Estate 02 Horse Farm Estate 08

Norman Manor House 05 Norman Manor House 09 Norman Manor House 08

Country French Cottage 02 Country French Cottage 07 Country French Cottage 05

Learn more about this Atlanta based firm,

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What charming idea
Merry Christmas! :)

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