26 August 2010

Woodbury, Connecticut

Woodbury has at least 50 antique shops and some were truly worth my drive. Gorgeous and unique pieces- even the stores themselves were inspiring but one of my favorites was Tracey's shop, The Elemental Garden. Tracey Young and Dennis Kaylor have collected pieces from all over Europe, but their true hearts seem to be in France. You can see that soft spot in all the rooms that fill their home/store.

These columns are actually built-ins designed by John Saladino in the late 1980's for a penthouse in NYC to mirror some structural columns at the other end of the room. They stored china and the drawers beneath the columns were lined in black felt to store silver.

Tracey also has a wonderful collection of antique garden tools. My grandfather, being in the hardware business, collected antique tools so these were tough to resist.

Tracey, thank you for spending so much time sharing your home and store with me. I also appreciated seeing all the hidden treasures in the loft of your barn. I can't get those 'English barbering chairs' out of my mind, so consider them SOLD- I will find them a home or they will live at mine! Thanks again for a fun morning.

259 Main Street South
Woodbury, CT 06798

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