30 March 2011

I love wallpaper!

Everyone knows that I am a fan, or just stop by my house and its obvious with 9 of my rooms covered in pattern! The Wallpaper Collective has very hip, smart, modern, unique papers that offer bold statements and a wide range of colors that will transform the room with one strip- these are not backdrop papers, these are wowzers!

Here are only a few of my favorites but truth be told, I just ordered 21 samples....

Lil' miss cottontail- sophisticated yet still sweet and charming for a nursery.

A subtle, very subtle snow scene- fun for a mudroom in a mountain retreat,

Modern, comic chicks- chirping silently while baby sleeps...

This is one of the very few, calming papers offered by the Wallpaper Collective- pink and raspberry stripes with a swirl of fun.

Look closely! Tennis racquets and balls geometrically aligned- reason enough to build a tennis pavilion!

I think this is going in my daughters bedroom hallway. My favorite animal is the elephant so this sweet elephant walk needs to find a place in my home. I love the varying sizes and the trunk to trunk kisses.

This is a very chic take on the traditional toile and with its lacquer finish, it adds a lot of glamour!

Happy shopping, 
this is a very fun site and even if you are not in the mood to paper your walls- 
you will definitely get a kick out of the smart designs. 

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