31 March 2011

The Paper Lady

There is nothing more fun than going to the mailbox to discover a fabulous invitation to an upcoming event or a handwritten note on personalized stationery. The art of sending the perfect invitation sets the tone for a gathering or celebration, while a personalized note is always a thoughtful gesture. The Paper Lady is your iconic stationery shop! Located in the trendy Washington Park area of Denver, it's bright, cheery and the show tunes welcome you as you walk through the door. This papery offers an array of preppy to sophisticate stationery options, invitations and gifts with a personalized flare.

Rosie (aka The Paper Lady) and her friendly team are knowledgeable on the latest paper trends and etiquette. Their insight into all things paper, inspires you to start sending more personalized notes or host a party because you've found the PERFECT invitation! 

The Paper Lady

We're constantly drawn to inspirational people, who express their creativity in the way they carry on. As part of this series, which features individuals and their business ventures, we're asking them some questions that give us a peek into their well lived lives. Here's what The Paper Lady had to say.....

ID: What's on your bedside table? 
The Paper Lady: A stack of books that I am dying to read, but have not…three picture frames with my kiddos and husband, a lamp, a glass of water

ID: What's your signature accessory?
The Paper Lady: My watch (which is funny b/c I am never on time to anything) and usually a scarf 

ID: Where do you find inspiration? 
The Paper Lady: My children, my parents and the people in the “Pass it On” campaign ads (they pull at my heart strings and make me want to be a better person) 

ID: Your home is a reflection of...?
The Paper Lady: My style, the house I grew up in, three wild children and one hound constantly at play 

ID: Your go-to color is...?
The Paper Lady: PINK!

ID: Your favorite place in denver is...? 
The Paper Lady: The Botanic Gardens, or my backyard in the Spring 

ID: When you look in your closet you see...? 
The Paper Lady: A sea of color and pattern, and way too many wire hangers 

ID: Your proudest professional accomplishment is...? 
The Paper Lady: Being my own boss and having a storefront to call my very own

Thanks Rosie! May you continue to be inspired!

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