05 April 2011

Black Kite Soars!

Recently, I was invited to a launch party for a young boys clothing line, Black Kite. The collection consists of button down shirts (for ages 1-7), in bold colors, prints and patterns. They are limited run and 100% cotton woven fabric. These shirts are "fly" and the boys who sport them are bound for great adventures! What truly makes this line unique, is that designer Lindsay Black Mangat, was not only focused on creating a wearable line. Her emphasis was to create a line that had a little soul and allowed young boys to take flight. The mantra behind Black Kite, is to inspire boys to express their creativity, individuality and their confidence. In doing so, each shirt is stitched with contrasting thread and a unique pocket note that holds a secret message of inspiration that your boy can wear close to his chest. How cool is that?

Online sales at www.blackkiteshop.com
Bold shirts. Confident boys.

Here's a little insight into the creative mind behind Black Kite.

ID: What's on your bed side table?  
Black Kite: My journal and pen, a copy of "How to be an Explorer of the World" by Keri Smith, a framed photo of me and my husband in France and a lamp.

ID: What's your signature accessory? 
Black Kite: My red woven scarf I purchased from a young girl on the beach in Goa, India.  Somehow, it keeps me warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 

ID: Where do you find inspiration? 
Black Kite: Traveling is my true source of inspiration but I find inspiration all day long.  Humanity, reading, art and my family all influence and affect me emotionally. 

ID: Your home is a reflection of?  
Black Kite: My eclectic style...the art I love,  the colors that move me and the organization I need to maintain a crazy household! 

ID:Your go-to color is?  
Black Kite: green. I love every hue of the color green

ID: Your favorite place to relax? 
Black Kite: under a tree in a bustling park

ID: When you look in your closet you see?
Black Kite: The floor and that's enough to put a smile on my face!

ID:Your proudest professional accomplishment is?  
Black Kite: The successful launch of Black Kite!

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