16 June 2011

La La La

My good friend launched her blog recently, La La La, dedicated to sharing and finding wonderful books for infants and toddlers. And Liz Matthews is just the woman to do this!

Liz received an M.A. in English Education from Columbia, and then taught English in Brooklyn and Vermont. She also studied literature at the University of Vermont, Cambridge University and Vermont College of Fine Art. Reading and writing is a long, lived passion for Liz. 

Liz lives in Connecticut with her husband, Yates, and two children- daughter Eliza and son Wesley.

Here is a recent post from La La La:

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


     Who else reads with your children? I've been thinking about how my husband and I are not the only one to share this experience with our children - their grandparents, babysitters, aunts, uncles, and even older cousins also have the pleasure. As soon as Eliza began understanding the key players in her life, she delighted in coming across these labels in stories. Recently, my mom gave her a book called Grandma Calls Me Gigglepie. It is so adorable, and she mostly prefers for her two grandmas to read to her. Everything has its place for us right now:) This got me thinking about another book I received at my baby shower called The Little Big Book for Moms. You may have heard of this one; it is part of a series (there is also The Little Big Book for Grandmothers, Dads, etc). I highly recommend this one. It's over 300 pages, which may seem daunting, but full of nursery rhymes, songs, finger games, beautiful illustrations and even recipes and activities. What's best about it, though, is how it caters to so many different ages. You can start on day one with your newborn baby, singing "Hush Little Baby", and still be reading a fairy tale to that same child when they're a preschooler. This is definitely a great shower, new baby, or first birthday gift!
      Other grandma books Eliza loves to read with her grandmas: The Napping House and Guess How Much I Love You . However, the books she enjoys reading with her grandparents do not have to be grandparent-specific. She has come to associate certain books with whomever gives them to her. So, Gallop! is called "The BaBa book" since my dad gave it to her. This is a great book, by the way, for babies or toddlers learning how to turn the pages...the animals "move" like they would in a flip book just by the turning the page. Other books, she associates with certain places. I'm sure you've experienced this one "no, that one belongs downstairs," or "I want to read the book from Grandpa's house." A toddler's sense of order continues amuses me.

Reading La La La made me think about how I love books, collect books and design with books. 

In my own home, we have books in every room. 

On our coffee table,

 in our front entry hall,

and on our family room shelves.

I keep our holiday books tucked away and bring them out once a year. 
This makes the stories special and feel new each time we read them! 

Coffee table books, novels and photo albums fill our formal library, nestled between collectibles and family photos. My biggest indulgence is my coffee table book collection- I literally have hundreds and read them all...again and again.

I was so excited to find this complete set of Nancy Drew novels in a neighborhood book store. So I bought all 98 of them! 

My daughters, Dylan and Hayden, have their own library. I designed the space so they could not only reach, stack and see their books but also display their favorite stories- just like their school library.

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