14 October 2011

Charming and Surprising Find in Newport Beach

California is known for blending architectural styles- you find tuscan meets colonial in Beverly Hills, modern meets cottage in Laguna Beach and this house in Newport Beach seems to blend Bucks County, Pennsylvania with the clean lines of Newport Beach's oceanside homes. From the outside, this house is charming and a little grand with a mixture of stone, clapboard and brick but on the inside- there are some really fun surprises!

 I love this balcony tucked into the exterior facade- you often see this in shingle style homes. Very charming detail but also a great, shady spot. 

 The front facade is more formal with the third floor dormers and the proportion of the front porch is great- doesn't over power the house but big enough to greet guests. 

Great kitchen- it isn't easy to mix so many materials like this. They use brick, clapboard, slate and hardwoods and then to add a fun twist trimmed the inside, as the outside. 

This is a great detail too- a wall to create privacy and provide a sound barrier but with clear glass and thick trim mullions, you get two divided spaces. 

 Very cute little guesthouse, exercise room or studio. 

I wish I could give credit to the architect and design team- they deserve it! Anybody know who deserves the credit???

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