30 December 2012

Decorate Your Wet Bar

How to decorate your wet bar for New Year's Eve? Here are some easy tips and ideas...

Make it colorful and add a wink to where you are...
palm leaves in the tropics, skis in the mountains,
flowers in the country, pineapples in Hawaii.
Don't push the theme though...
you can ruin a good thing with obvious decor.
Keep '2013' to one place, not on every table and napkin!

Organize your bar for your guests with trays, baskets
and bowls for lemons and limes. This is easier for your guests
and shows them you are organized, hopefully relaxed
and ready for company.
Nothing is worse than a yucky, sticky bar top!

I love a fancy, vintage bar cart. It's such a rare yet chic party piece.
Showcase it and really use it- move it from one space to another
throughout the evening.
Greet guests at the door with a bar cart full of champagne flutes,
then move it to the patio or living room with serve your self selections
and then finally to the dining room with dinner wines.

This is a pretty bar...
I love the potted orchid which always makes guests feel at home.
And the sliced lemons and limes are a real treat.

Use a credenza, dresser or unique piece of furniture
 that you wouldn't otherwise notice.
Move it from your bedroom or the dining room
to a more prominent place so your guests can see it.
Not every bar has to have a sink-
a dry bar is just as useful
and presents many more opportunities to put it!

I love lots of silver during the holidays and New Year's Eve.
All that sparkle really sets the mood and
it's nice to appreciate all those pretty pieces you have collected
or been given over time.
I like how this bar hosts everything
in just white, red and green.
It really makes a pretty statement
without the clutter of too many choices.
Don't offer the liquor store to your guests!
Pick a couple drinks and let your guests choose from fewer options.

Use a tray or bedside table and offer a martini bar.
Just a simple bar station set across the room-
believe me, your guests will find it.
It's small but for martini lovers, much appreciated.
I love the simplicity of this bar-
just a couple of glasses,
pretty silver that sparkles
and martinis ready at the pour.
Wishing you a happy, healthy
and prosperous New Year.
Entertain often, celebrate everything
and decorate your life
with pretty patterns, color and many friends.
Cheers! Katie

20 December 2012

Connecticut Christmas

It is hard to know how to support the community
of Newtown, CT and being so far away-
it is hard to reach them and let them know
how very much they are in our daily thoughts & prayers.

I hope that Newtown can have a bit of Christmas this year
and with time, many more holidays-
each filled with more memories and less sadness.

Here are some snapshots of the beautiful New England town...

Newtown, Connecticut

13 November 2012

Australia Design

I was in our shop this week, and a lovely mother and daughter came in...all the way from Australia. They come once each year with 5 empty suitcases and shop their favorite home stores. I was thrilled that MK Style made the list!

It made me think....what design is in Australia? I found this beautiful home in New South Wales. Australia has a great mix of modern and English antiques. They have a newer sense of design but always add a wink from their Grand Mum...the Queen herself.

17 October 2012

Inspired Press

Luxe Magazine- Colorado

20 September 2012

Inspired Press

Mix Masters

Designers Katie Wolfe Agron and Molly Simons’ new home store brings a dose of the unexpected to the Mile High City.

Leave your design inhibitions at the door when you step into MK Style. “Our philosophy is, ‘More is more,’ ” says Denver interior designer Katie Wolfe Agron about her new home-goods shop, which opened on Old South Pearl Street in June. Agron teamed up with her style-savvy best friend, Molly Simons, to create a space that brings much-needed whimsy to Denver’s sometimes-predictable home decor scene. Think Palm Springs meets Nantucket meets LoDo: Agron and Simons’ preppy-chic aesthetic draws from time-honored design traditions and the latest crave-worthy trends, and makes ample use of bright pink and kelly green. We caught up with the design duo this past spring, not long before they opened their doors.

5280: Wolfe Design House (Agron’s interior design firm) keeps you plenty busy. Why a store?

Katie Wolfe Agron: The short answer? My garage is full. I shop for my clients all over the country. I’ll pick up an antique in West Palm Beach and find five other unique pieces that might work for other clients, so I store them at my house. Now we have a place to showcase our finds.

5280: How does MK Style stand out in Denver’s retail landscape?

Katie Wolfe Agron: It’s in the mix we create. No one wants her home to look like a page from a catalogue, but creating that mix can be tricky. We have things from $30 to $5,000, and every piece is here because we love it. 

5280: What’s your style philosophy? 

Molly Simons: Take the classics and make them modern. Enjoy trends, but incorporate those pieces with something timeless.
Katie Wolfe Agron: Buy what you love, and invest in good craftsmanship. If you love it and it’s built well, you’ll love it forever.
MK Style, 1882 South Pearl St., 303-722-1178, shopmkstyle.com

13 September 2012

Inspired Press


We were delighted to discover the new MK Style boutique in the South Peal Street District this past July. MK Style is the ultimate haven for design lovers and style mavens. Curated by Molly and Katie, the store is one that exudes classic charm with modern twists. From gifts to furnishings, tableware to trendsetting accessories, MK Style is sure to become your go-to destination for a life well-lived.
MK Style owners, Molly Simons and Katie Agron

 Library: Design, Art & Fashion Collections

Wall Decor: Mirrors, Fine Art, Wall Accessories, Shelving, Canvas Art
Furniture: Accent Pieces, Upholstery, Dining, Tables & Shelving
Linens: Placemats, Napkins, Custom Lampshades & Pillows

Lighting: Table Lamps, Chandeliers, Lanterns, Shades, Floor Lamps

Entertaining: Table Top, Fine China, Candles, Trays & Table Linens

Betsy Martin of Reign & Allison Farrar of As You Wish 
at the Veranda book signing event at MK Style.
Visit MK Style: 1882 South Pearl Street

11 September 2012

Inspired Press

If These Halls Could Talk

Covet worthy decor for home, work and play.


She's china cups and elbows off the table. You're one too many drinks before dinner and TV on during dinner. You and your mother-in-law may love the same guy, but your etiquette is as opposite as it gets.

Take a break from decorum and ask her to join you for a bonding shopping trip to MK Style. Run by BFFs Molly and Katie, this new one-stop-shop for vintage treasures and modern accessories will merge generations one art deco vase, chandelier or pop art piece at a time. Peruse the well-edited selection of scoured finds, or shop exclusive designs from MK custom to take your hand-me-down dining room chairs (from your side of the fam) from drab to fab.

Just try to avoid the loaded topic of placemats for every setting.

MK Style
1882 South Pearl Street, Denver, CO 80210, 303.722.1178

05 September 2012

Ginger Jars

Ginger Jars are possibly the perfect accessory. They can be traditional, modern, sophisticated, colorful or neutral. You can fill them, display them, use them or admire them.

 Eclectic Revisited Blog

Here are some pictures from our Portfolio at Wolfe Design House:

Some more favorite Ginger Jar accessorizing:
The Curious Reserve Blog

And of course, I must include the very fashionable Aerin Lauder's home:

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