28 February 2012

One more...

I had to post this house too- more typical for Nantucket, but beautiful none the less. The crisp white design creates a calming retreat. Interior Design by Darren Sukonick and Matthew Sapera.

25 February 2012

Oh Nantucket

As I started to make plans for our summer Nantucket trip, I came across this house. I love the bright colors- it has some city glam that you usually don't see on the island. The bright, happy colors can't bring Spring fast enough!

Beautiful, inside and out- anyone know who I can credit for the design?

22 February 2012

Jules & Jewels

I have this purple dress in pink and wear it all the time- it is so flattering!

And what is even more exciting is that Jules' is now sharing, what I think, is her best talent- finding vintage jewelry. Every time I see Jules, she has a unique and glamorous piece that she recently discovered! Check out more of Jules' Vintage Finds! And remember, you better hurry- there is only one of each!!!

I think this green bracelet will be mine if it isn't claimed soon! These are one-of-a-kind pieces, that you will treasure forever and never, ever see on someone else...that is worth the splurge every time.

NY Fashion Week 2012

Handbags are everywhere! On and off the runway...

21 February 2012

Spring is in the bag!

You never know what the season will bring- some years there are too many fabulous bags to choose from and other years you can feel as though there is nothing for your wish list!

Well, 2012 is a great year for the handbag! Here are some of our picks:

This is on my Wish List! Hubby...are you reading this?

This bag is gorgeous and tweed is the material this Spring.

15 February 2012

Wolfe Design House on Reign Denver

My Funny Valentine

For Her

Reign Denver is a lifestyle blog authored by the sassy and talented Betsy Martin and posted out of Denver. Check out Betsy's favorite stores as well as her fashion picks near and far.

And yes Betsy, we agree. Shop our store for Louboutin's glamorous (and gorgeous!) book and other fashionista reads. 

14 February 2012

A visit to the Viceroy

It is always fun to visit a property designed by Kelly Wearstler and the Palm Springs Viceroy is no exception!

 The hotel is small compared to the sister grand dame resorts but is large in design- each nook and cranny is well thought out with high style and luxe materials.


415 South Belardo Road
Palm Springs, California
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