31 July 2012

by Victoria Hagan

I recently did an interview and was asked, "Who do you admire most in your industry?"

My answer was easy- Victoria Hagan. She understands architecture and implements her interior design within it. I appreciate interiors- the fabrics, the furniture, the collections BUT without a strong connection to the space, it's nothing more than really beautiful pieces inside irrelevant walls.

So, today I pay homage to the great Ms. Victoria Hagan. Here are just a few of her best:

If you can't contract the Great Victoria for your spaces, 
you can bring her textiles to your home:

The above bed is dressed in Victoria Hagan Home's 
Early Spring in Sky.

Here are some pics of her other textiles and a few pieces 
from her Home Furniture Collection:

Stop by our store, MK Style 
and pick your favorite Victoria Hagan textile 
for your MK Custom lamp shade, pillow or upholstery piece!

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