30 August 2012

Decorating your Bookshelf

We are often asked, "How do I fill my shelves?" You decorate your bookshelves just like you would your tabletop or walls with books or collections you already have- they are the perfect accessory.

Here are some good inspiration photos that can guide you thru the process...

Lonny Mag

Balance & Symmetry
These shelves have great balance, centering your eye on the more interesting pieces like the silhouette statue. I also like the bottom shelf, filled with magazines collected over time but overlaid with large picture frames of art or personal photos.

Honey We're Home Blog

Art Installation
If you have a full height bookcase and very little wall space to hang art- transform your books into art. Coordinate by color to create artistic punch or group by size to create a series.

Real Simple Mag

Displaying a Collection
People often group all the pieces of a collection together- not necessary and most often, the collection looks overwhelming or underwhelming. There can be too many pieces in the collection making it look stale or too few pieces making it feel random. But, when you mix your collection with books, the pieces really stand out and are far more interesting. I love the layering of these clocks, one in front of the other and love how they have new purpose- as bookends. 
Pinklet & C blog

Uneven Shelves
Don't be afraid to mix up the height of your shelves- some tall, some short and they don't have to be symmetrical. I love how these blue and white ginger jars take up 2 shelf heights- they frame the entrance to the next room nicely and create a column effect.

Chinoiserie Chic Blog

Including Fine Art
Fine art doesn't always belong on a wall- here the art is nestled within the shelf. It gives dimension and interest and really breaks up the monotony of the expected...books, books, books.
Here are some more inspiring shelves,
Elle Decor
Southern Living Mag

All Things Chic Blog



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Anonymous said...

Saw the bookshelf design on Scout Guide!! Love it. Immediately rearranged my book cases!!

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