08 January 2013

A New Year

Let me guess....exercise more? eat better? spend more time together?

I truly believe if you organize your pantry you will lose weight, be more motivated in every way and spend less time looking in deep wicker baskets for spices dating back too many years. Yuck. Enough.

I love the gathered skirt covering all the large extras-
paper towels and cleaning supplies I suspect.
Even pantries can be pretty. Paint them, paper them,
choose fanciful hardware or skirt them.
Clear bins and baskets keep your eye on everything-
those wicker baskets hide everything
so you of course buy what you already have
and forget what you bought.
I also love labeling your baking goods-
at a quick glance you can determine what is low, flour or sugar.
With a shopping list in hand and a baby on your hip-
the two look very alike and you might just buy
the wrong ingredient.
Love the Robin's Egg blue paint and
the prominent position of the classic mixer.
This is a pretty pantry.

Red, white and blue?
This is very color coordinated but organized none the less.
Everything right in front with nothing hiding too far back.
Happy new year- pitch the old and embrace the new.

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