27 March 2013

Color? None at all!

Lots of Color is certainly trending right now in the interior and fashion worlds but here is an example of how little to no color can be bold and beautiful in itself!

Designer Richard Hallberg recently graced the pages of Veranda Magazine with this project but I had to show it off again. It is a great example of mixing old and new, adding layer upon layer of rich texture but not adding any color.

20 March 2013

I heart Hudson...

I had to post this very cool, chic, downtown pad in hip Tribeca. I love every bit of it- the cozy, dark hues, the rich tile details throughout, the yummy wood floors.

I love the light fixtures- worn brass with rich detail.

This bathroom is fabulous- I love that the trim and walls are painted the same color and sheen. This technique cozies up an otherwise very hard surface/space.

This is a pool room that anyone would be game for! The outdoor space, the wall of framed paintings mixed in with the tv. And again, love the fixtures.

13 March 2013

Lily, my Giraffe

I melt for any giraffe, in any room. It's almost impossible to go a month without seeing her long legs grace the glossy pages of some magazine, settled into a beautiful room. Here are some Lily's and how to get yours!

Nina Garcia...

Tommy Hilfiger...

and Martha Stewart.

Here are some jungle accessories to add the giraffe print sans the 6' legged animal!

Orange Giraffe Bowl
from Vivre

Giraffe Print from Schumacher

Wear the print with this fun Giraffe ring!

And of course, here are some pictures of my beloved Lily, that wandered around our store for a couple of months but now is back at home with me.

11 March 2013

Fashion + Decorating

Some of the best design collaborations collide in the world of fashion and interior decorating.

Recently we saw Quadrille lend their patterns to the Palm Beach sandal, Jack Rodgers, and now Madeline Weinrib, a NYC staple is sharing her textiles with Manolo Blahnik's sassy heels.

Here are some of the Quadrille patterns:

 Read all about it in the Vogue Daily:

Need It Now: Madeline Weinrib + Manolo Blahnik's Ikat Pumps

need-it-now-madeline-weinrib.jpg Photo: (from left) Courtesy of Madeline Weinrib; Michael Lisnet, Vogue, November 2004
“It’s not a print, it’s an heirloom,” says designer Madeline Weinrib of her handcrafted ikat known as the Daphne, one of a smattering of signature textiles to be included in a new collaboration with Manolo Blahnik. Working in partnership with artisans in Uzbekistan, Weinrib—granddaughter of ABC Carpet & Home founder Max Weinrib—honors traditional techniques that have existed in the region for centuries while bringing a modern touch to the inky motifs. “I love seeing the mistakes in the fabric; it adds to the poetry of it,” says Weinrib, pointing out that ikat is highly prized in certain Eastern cultures, and passed down from generation to generation. “There’s a lot of soul in the yarn.” Those designs appear on Blahnik’s classic four-inch pumps, loafers, and the insole of flat summer sandals in the collection. “I think Manolo and I share the same values when it comes to making things with a lasting quality,” she says. “I recently pulled out a pair of his shoes from my closet that I hadn’t worn in years—and they felt like new.”

Manolo Blahnik featuring Madeline Weinrib BB pump, $645; Saks Fifth Avenue
Features Madeline’s Daphne ikat fabric
Available at Saks Fifth Avenue

06 March 2013

More Mary

Here are some of my favorite rooms by the Great Mary McDonald:

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