06 September 2013

Shop Talk

We are busy at MK Style renovating the store, stocking our shelves and designing our new e-commerce website! 

It has been very exciting around here and we are eager to strut our stuff next week....but until then, we would like to strut thru these favorite chic shops:

29 East 93rd Street

Anything you can possibly gift to someone can be personalized here- 
a onesie, an ice bucket, a cashmere throw, a kleenex cover....anything!

10 Columbus Circle

Have you been? We knew you had. 
Last time I visited- it was a true event (and not even a special event at that...
just another C. Wonder day!) I was greeted by a dancing D.J. 
Though it can be a little overwhelming, 
it is a feast for your eyes and...a drain on your pocket book.

Bal Harbor Mall
Miami Beach, Florida

My one and only addiction is coffee table books! 
I have hundreds throughout my home- 
stacked on shelves, on dressers, on ottomans, on countertops....
you could literally read your way thru every single room and hallway in my home. 
Yes, it's a bit of a problem.

So, naturally- this is my favorite place when I go to Miami Beach. 


Located in the heart of the shopping village, 
this store (which is not so big) is absolutely stuffed...
with every cover-up, tunic, floral pant, ruffled tank or patterned scarf 
you could dream up! 

The Grocery Store
Presidio Heights
3625 Sacramento Street
San Francisco

How brilliant is this? 
When this shows up on your daddy's card or hubby's Amex bill...
you might just slide by.
Not a can of soup, carton of milk or cereal here, 
just luxe goods to fill your closet. 

One of my most favorite pair of cowboy boots came from here. 

Some obvious brands and ones you have never heard of, 
are stacked on concrete tables and hang from freestanding racks. 

No frills but definitely the best dressed in town.

03 September 2013

Back to School

It's that wonderful time of year for moms! and that exciting time of year for kids!

Creating a space that is nurturing and safe for a child but also encouraging and creative can be a tough balance...we thought these experts did it best:

 by Phoebe Howard

by Victoria Hagan

 by Diamond Baratta

 sourced from Pinterest

 wallpaper by Katie Ridder, design by Miles Redd

 the home of Kelly Wearstler

 by Steven Gambrel

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